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Amanda McNeal | 2017©

Carla | She and Me

I met Carla a little over a year ago and quickly we realized our journey’s have many similarities.  As I scoured my journals filled with sketches and created new sketches based off my mind at the time I realized two that I wanted – that I needed to do at that time.  Now what did I intend for these to mean? I will leave that to you to interpret because I want to give these images to other women to represent their struggle and find strength within themselves.

However I will share Carla’s meaning. Although this image was originally intended for Carla as I sketched it it took on it’s own meaning for me with what I was facing at the time. After all it is birthed from my own experiences as well. Carla walked away with a completely meaning behind “She and Me” and it has helped guide her on her path to healing.  M own images help me heal but knowing that my images have helped another helps remind me of my purpose. You can view what this image means to Carla on her blog.

She & Me | Amanda McNeal | 2017

I hope you continue on your journey and follow my images as I continue my own journey.

Yellow | Nashville Fine Art Photographer

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Someone once asked how time goes into these images?

This image took 5.5 hours total.  It took just under an hour to actually set up and take in my backyard. However it took 4 hours of editing that spanned two weeks to create the final image above. I don’t sit and edit a gallery of photos like a traditional photographer. I bounce between the original sketch, Lightroom, Adobe Stock and multiple images of this composite.


Wonderland Minis | Nashville Photographer

I’m trying something new! My daughters have loved being my models for many magical sessions. They love the fantasy of it all and then seeing how the images actually change once I edit it to look like what I had sketched. Yes I sketch each session.

This is an opportunity for you to give some magic to your little girl or boy. Alice, Mad Hatter, Tea Party Princess – all are welcome. I’m offering the option to do these individually or you may gather a group of friends to give them the experience together. You can see details below.

What to wear? No problem. I have created a style board to assist you.  This is only a start. We can work together to take it in a more detailed direction. As you will see below it doesn’t need to be traditional Alice.

alice session boardThere will be sessions in Franklin on September 10 and Goodlettsville on September 11. For booking information please email at amandamcneal@me.com.



amandamcnealphotography alice ad2

A Prayer of Gratitude | Nashville Fine Art Photographer

Dear Lord-

Days like today I feel as if I’m being tossed and turned in an ocean of chaos. A hurricane rages around me and I’m not sure if the sky is upside down, sideways or just gone.  I get confused about which direction to go in any task.  If I try to fight it alone with willpower the anxiety only grows stronger. If I stop and find the still that is always in me  and in every storm that you create I can let it all around me fade away and a freeing blanket of calm can surround me.  I know that is you and I thank you for reminding that it’s okay to stop, breathe and just let the rain wash me anew. 

Thank you.



Hurricane | Amanda McNeal | 2016 ©

The above image is a composite from my current self portrait work that focuses on the journey of a woman. We are all pulled to and fro daily and I think we all can relate to being pulled in many directions in our mind and heart. I am blessed to have found ways to find the still and not let the noise of this world get the best of me. It has taken work to quiet the noise and some days are harder than others but if I work hard I can always find the love and light in any storm.


Carla - July 20, 2016 - 2:57 am

love this. and more than anything, I love you’ve found the ability to find the still in the storm.

amanda mcneal - August 29, 2016 - 4:06 pm

Thank you! You’ve become an amazing support!

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