Kenna | Franklin Tween Photographer

Meet Kenna. I’ve known this chickaroo since she was five! I’ve watched her grow up from seeing her in my daughter’s kindergarten class and being her Girl Scout troop leader to now having the honor of calling her mother one of my most dearest friends.

Kenna is a pretty cool kid. She’s an avid reader, her heart bursts with love for animals and she’s a pretty great big sister. She recently started her own little dog sitting/walking business called Paw for Paws. I see big things for this kid.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs in this session. Kenna is a more go go on the move free spirit girl. I think I captured her. I think one of the best parts of these sessions though is giving our tweens the chance to not share the spotlight and it be all about them. I know my girls love when I do one on one photoshoots. Tweens are discovering parts of them they didn’t know were there or they did but just couldn’t let them out yet. Hormones and society is starting to call to them…..oh the hormones. They are more of themselves and as Kenna’s shirt says perfectly –
“Young happy & free”.

“I feel like a me I’ve never been before.” – Kenna

Eight is Great | Franklin Family Photographer

Another fun session coming at ya! Michael reached out to me a few months ago (seriously behind on blogging) needing some family photos for his upcoming book tour – details to be released soon – so I took them to one of my current favorite locations tucked away here in Franklin. I love a beautiful field but I also love a funky alley.

His family is a hoot and they were so easy to capture. Mom is a photographer herself so these kids knew exactly what to do in front of the camera. Oh and their personalities…..I could have captured them for hours.

I’ve recently got to know Michael via Facebook – funny how our world works now – and he’s a very inspiring guy. First off he’s a successful guy living the dream but also has a very multi-faceted life experience that gives him such an eye opening perspective that he shares openly on social media. A beautiful soul raising a beautiful family.

Claire | Franklin TN Child Photographer

She turned nine this past Friday. Nine.

She has grown up in front of my camera being a guinea pig for many ideas. She slept like a dream as a newborn and that allowed me to photograph her everywhere in her first month. She has a fire in her that you want to capture. She keeps me on the move and the sessions with Claire have taught me to go with the flow and just move with her. She has taught me how to be a better photographer because kids do not stay still nor should they.

This was her nine year shoot. These poses and set ups were her ideas. I just supplied the random field and chair. The rest she did and I just snapped away. I think we managed to capture her sweet and kind personality while also showing the silly and fiery side to Miss Claire.

She currently loves any type of gummies, Barbies, going fast on scooters and her iPad of course.

Masks Up | Franklin TN Family Photographer

Photography is meant to capture a time in one’s life so when they stumble upon that photo years from now it brings up a memory be it beautiful, sweet, funny or painful. So when the D family showed up with masks in hand we had to use them for atleast a couple shots. Memories…..

I just adore this family and so thankful I got to photograph them again. Hop in the time machine and check out their session from 2014.


Sugar & Spice and a Skateboard | Franklin Tween Photographer

Tweens do deserve their own session. They are going into a very confusing time walking a fine line between childhood and teen years. They have developed distinct personalities and have begun exploring their interests. They start having to deal with hormonal changes which goes back to making it a confusing time. This is the period they cross a threshold into the next chapter of their lives.

This is my Julia. She’s the reason Amanda McNeal Photography exists. She’s been my muse, guinea pig and inspiration. With her approaching 11 and all of our extra time we’ve been given I decided to give her a full session including wardrobe and props. She picked most of her wardrobe and came up with some of the ideas for shots because this was HER session. A session to show her personality and not just her pretty face behind the camera. I didn’t want to create the perfect muted portrait but wanted to show sugar and spice of her.  She is sweet and soft but has edge to her. The smile on her face when she saw her final gallery was priceless! If interested in booking a session to capture your unique tween shoot me a message! Hope to see ya on the other side of my camera soon!


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