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I’m not one to share too much personal info with clients and especially on the internet. I do have a mommy blog but no one visits it so that’s my safe place on the internet – is there such? Sure I have an odd sense of humor about my personal life with clients but I never get serious with what is really going on. Anyways, I feel it’s time to share something that does affect my business and scheduling as well as mind set at times. I also want everyone to just stop for a minute this week and take in your life because it really can change in a blink of an eye.

My father, who is one of the people I admire the most in this world, was recently diagnosed with advanced esophegeal cancer. I’ve know since December and have shared it with close friends and family but not clients. Why now? When this happens to a family it makes one re-evaluate their priorities.

I have made the decision to spend more time with my family here in Nashville as well as traveling to NC on the weekends to be with my parents. This means I no longer work weekends  and I only book 8 sessions a month. Once it’s filled, it’s filled.  At this point I have been turning away clients to fellow photographers but I don’t mind. In the end I want my daughters to remember their grandfather and know that I was a mother that put them first.

A few weekends ago I took Julia to visit my dad. They share the same birthday and are just two in sync souls – quite amazing to watch my dad with her. I had been inspired by the amazing Jenny Cruger to start carrying my camera and document life’s imperfect yet perfect moments. Check out her personal projects she does so amazingly – they will truely inspire you. We took Julia over to see the river for the first time and she just loved it. She still talks about pawpaw and the water. Then on the way home they stopped and played hide and seek in our neighbor’s tree farm. The sun was high and bright, no one’s clothes coordinated and I had never shot here before but from this completely imperfect session I captured perfect images I will forever cherish. These are SOOC images and in my eyes – PERFECT.

So with the ending of the post, pleases stop this week and hold your loved ones a little closer and tell them what you feel. Carry your camera with you and capture those moments that seem so small but one day will hold the largest part of your heart. Enjoy the post of my sweet Julia and her amazing grandpa.

Snapping away and smiling,





Jenny Cruger - February 28, 2012 - 7:42 pm

Amanda! I’m just seeing this post – you are too sweet for the shout and I loved seeing these images that you first told me about in your email. So perfect 😉

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