Carla | She and Me

I met Carla a little over a year ago and quickly we realized our journey’s have many similarities.  As I scoured my journals filled with sketches and created new sketches based off my mind at the time I realized two that I wanted – that I needed to do at that time.  Now what did I intend for these to mean? I will leave that to you to interpret because I want to give these images to other women to represent their struggle and find strength within themselves.

However I will share Carla’s meaning. Although this image was originally intended for Carla as I sketched it it took on it’s own meaning for me with what I was facing at the time. After all it is birthed from my own experiences as well. Carla walked away with a completely meaning behind “She and Me” and it has helped guide her on her path to healing.  M own images help me heal but knowing that my images have helped another helps remind me of my purpose. You can view what this image means to Carla on her blog.

She & Me | Amanda McNeal | 2017

I hope you continue on your journey and follow my images as I continue my own journey.

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