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Free Prints – Is this for real?

So I keep my clients photographs all ordered with folders within folders. I have to – it’s my business. However I struggle to keep my own family’s photographs organized. I always say my kids are growing up on Instagram because I rarely pick up my “real” cameras to photograph them. I pick up my phone […]

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Claire | Franklin Child Photographer

Claire – the light of my life and keeper of my heart. This girl will do big things one day and take the world by it’s horns. I hope I can always encourage her to draw upon the strength she possesses within, laugh at fear and share her love of life with all. She’s the […]

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Next Chapter Please

For seven years I have photographed over 400 families. I have held and photographed over 200 newborns. I have placed newborns in baskets and buckets in rivers, forests, dirt roads and streams. I have watched those newborns grow up into kindergarteners and captured them along the way. I have been trusted by new parents and […]

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My Muses | Franklin TN Baby & Child Photographer

My girls are my muses and I just can’t say it enough. I am over the moon in love with them and to me they are the most beautiful beings inside and out. They have such distinct personalities – my yin and yang. I don’t get to photograph them enough but with my father’s recent […]

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A Personal Post

I’m not one to share too much personal info with clients and especially on the internet. I do have a mommy blog but no one visits it so that’s my safe place on the internet – is there such? Sure I have an odd sense of humor about my personal life with clients but I never […]

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A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T
R E F E R R A L S   &   C L I E N T   L O Y A L T Y