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“I just want to purchase digitals. I’ll get them printed myself.”

Have you said this before? Did you watch your photographer slightly cringe at those words? Wanna know why? Take a look at the images below. It’s the same image with same information but processed from different print labs.

lab comparison

The image in the upper left is my edit. This is the full resolution image I send off to my lab – Millers Professional Imaging Lab. My Mac is calibrated to their printers and papers. So what I send to them is going to look like what I sent. If it doesn’t I can send it back or even sometimes they will call me and let me know an image has gone quirky in transit. Now what happens when I send that image to Wal-Mart. Holy Cow! Now this sweet lil’ guy looks like he has a serious circulation problem or is freezing. Blue on a baby is never good.


“I don’t have access to your lab but invested in the digitals and want to print ten of an image for family as gifts – Who do I use?”

I don’t think your family wants to frame a blue baby regardless how cute. So I would suggest Mpix. It’s the closest public lab. I even like to say it’s the cousin to my lab. It may be a few more cents than CVS but don’t you think it’s worth it?

“My wedding images are from a different photographer – can I still use Mpix?”

I can’t answer that because they could have used a different lab for processing. You would want to talk to that photographer.

“I’m just scrapbooking with these photos. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. ”  

Here’s some full disclosure. When I scrapbook or know I’m using the image for a collage at the girl’s school I order them from Walgreens. They are ready in an hour and cost basically nothing.

I hope this helps you make the decision on which lab to use in the future. Also if you’re thinking of buying just digitals and no prints you may want to read this article { Digital Delimma } and order some prints from your photographer next time. This is the main reason I encourage clients to order albums. I want you to always have these moments and memories.


signatureAmanda is an award winning  and published photographer located in historic downtown Franklin, TN just twenty minutes south of Nashville. She is a premier Nashville Newborn Photographer that creates casual fine art from maternity to family.

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