Julia and Claire | Front Porch Sessions

Here’s a fun idea – chalk up your street and let the kids just go! I’ve seen a lot of chalk art lately including my afternoon walk to the park. Going up the hill I see a “You got this” encouraging sign written by I assume an elementary child enjoying the spring mornings.

While six feet away with my fancy “zoom” lens I feel safe in saying I captured two biggies from this time in their lives – chalk art on a newly paved street and zooming (get it zoom ) down careless and free. I had fun playing with a editing few tricks as well.

If you’re interested in booking a front porch (or middle of the road) session please email me at amandamcneal@me.com.

Stay safe out there and hope to hear from ya soon.


The Henry’s | Front Porch Sessions

Never ever did I think I would be doing sessions with a required six feet distance from my client. If you’ve ever had a session with me you realize I’m a mover. I shoot primarily with a 50mm lens that is fixed. That means it doesn’t zoom so instead of the lens getting closer to you I have to get closer or farther away. I prefer it that way. This  is new territory for all of us and that means it’s new territory for my photography. I’ve never shot a full session (to be fair this was only a 10 min session) with a “zoom” lens. Guess what – I had fun and loved how the images turned out.

This was a really fun session. Now their neighbors may have got a few chuckles as they chased their kids down the road or maybe they enjoyed watching toilet paper be the subject of a fun game of keep away. Heck how often do you see a cat on a leash? We all had fun in a quick 10 minutes.

If you would like to book a session message me or shoot me an email at amandamcneal@me.com. I would love to hear from you! Stay safe!




Over the years I discovered a love for concept work. I’ve finally got a separate website put together to showcase my concept work separate from my children and family work. According to all of the experts in the fine art world I need to build an online presence. My goal is to have an art showing sharing my work and journey with others. I’ve now began my next series.

My most recent piece that will be a part of my newest series: The Feminine Experience. I will leave it here to tell your own story.

My full portfolio of women’s fine art can be viewed HERE.

The Sloan Kids at the Farm

I’ve had the honor to photograph these kiddos since Olivia was a newborn! Wow. I’ve watched them grow up and every time their mom books a session I get excited because they really are amazing kids and amazing clients. Olivia has some true BIG SISTER LOVE for her baby brother and although sometimes he’s not down for it – isn’t that how little brothers are supposed to act – she keeps on giving it. He’s a lucky little guy.

I so loved how their session from back in December turned out. It was such a fun session and the tree farm always offers such great set ups and backdrops which give clients a variety of photos all within 20 minutes. This was my fifth year shooting at the farm and I will continue again this winter. 

The Martin Family

Welcome back! Meet The Martin Family.

Their session marks my first full session since returning from my sabbatical you could call it. Oh what a fun session. I will be honest I was going to take them to a field but after I read their client questionnaire I needed something different. They are a silly family who are just living the dream.

I’ve driven past this area many times over the past couple years and wondered – would it make a great spot for a session? Well yes. Let me let you in on a secret – alleys are perfect lighting 9 times out of ten – and especially white ones. On top of that it had my a field next door and a donut shop down the street. Homerun.

Another great thing about this session – I’m proud of the work, didn’t work myself up in an anxious frenzy before the session and it was my first dabble in senior photography which is on the horizon considering my once newborn clients are growing like weeds. In light and love,

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T