Julia and Claire

I took these two out for their very own mini photo session this weekend. The location I was going to use was being used by a group of soccer players so after driving around for a bit I stumbled on this clover patch on the side of the road. Jackpot! The girls had such fun and I did as well. I haven’t really photographed them in over a year so I just love how these turned out. They do remind me that time is fleeting and to truly enjoy this time with them because before long they will be teenage girls that want nothing to do with mom’s photography madness. So for now I will soak it all the chaos, chauffeuring, endless activities, secrets, loads of laundry (okay maybe not that) and constant cleaning that comes with having two healthy little girls in our home.


Merry Christmas

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

-Burton Hills


Since I’m so in the spirit of Christmas this year I thought I would brighten up the blog with a blog post from recent minis! You may have to blow to dust off my blog page since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Here are some of my faves from Day 1. 

Free Prints – Is this for real?

So I keep my clients photographs all ordered with folders within folders. I have to – it’s my business. However I struggle to keep my own family’s photographs organized. I always say my kids are growing up on Instagram because I rarely pick up my “real” cameras to photograph them. I pick up my phone and snap away – IS THE IPHONE 8 out yet?

I was looking for a way to print photos from any of my social media outlets. Instagram, chrome, the cloud…and guess what? I found one. Free prints. Yep. I said it. Free! Can it be true – they are free? Oh and if they are free will the be decent quality. I don’t want any prints from the labs from a big box store or drug store.

So my prints arrived today and I’m impressed! Super impressed.

Here’s how it works:

1. You download the app.

Free Prints App

2. Open the app and get started!

You will see a screen similar to mine. Scroll through the top and pick from the different areas you store your photos. This allows me to choose from my professional images in Dropbox and Drive while also my personal images from Instagram and Facebook. One stop shopping!

3. Only the 4×6 prints are free and remember Instagram photos are square. You can print those on a 4×6 and trim the white sides or pay the additional amount to get a different size. You can upgrade to any size


1. Fast and user friendly

2. 85 free photos a month – scrap booking here I come and I will finally get to change out frames

3. Good quality and color – I’m a photographer and see a myriad of images from different cost effective print labs. I stand by the quality of these images. Now when you get to larger sizes like 16×20 and 20×30 I would always suggest a professional print lab or similar like mpix.com.


1. Instagram photos print square so if you want square you will have to pay an up charge.

2. Glossy but there is an option to choose matte. Choose matte. I didn’t see this when I first ordered but always choose matte. Glossy images are from days of old.

There are more pros than cons as you will see.

You can’t loose by trying out this app. Maybe $1.99 in shipping – less than a cup of coffee.

We’re On Vacation in Oz

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See ya down the yellow brick road,

Amanda McNeal | 2017©

Carla | She and Me

I met Carla a little over a year ago and quickly we realized our journey’s have many similarities.  As I scoured my journals filled with sketches and created new sketches based off my mind at the time I realized two that I wanted – that I needed to do at that time.  Now what did I intend for these to mean? I will leave that to you to interpret because I want to give these images to other women to represent their struggle and find strength within themselves.

However I will share Carla’s meaning. Although this image was originally intended for Carla as I sketched it it took on it’s own meaning for me with what I was facing at the time. After all it is birthed from my own experiences as well. Carla walked away with a completely meaning behind “She and Me” and it has helped guide her on her path to healing.  M own images help me heal but knowing that my images have helped another helps remind me of my purpose. You can view what this image means to Carla on her blog.

She & Me | Amanda McNeal | 2017

I hope you continue on your journey and follow my images as I continue my own journey.

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T