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When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.

-Viktor E. Frankl


To take the darkness and turn it into light is exhausting.

I have stood on the edge and bent my head in shame as the darkness wrapped around me.

I now turn my head to the light and release

Only through the light within and the wind of change

Can I birth the freedom and peace I desire.

This I have done.

This I continue to do.


Storm settles into quiet  |  Darkest dusk leads to a dawn  |  Bleak winter melts into springtime

And the tide turns –

Hold on. 

-Sharon Hudnell

Ascend | 2016 | ©As I begin to share some personal work I look forward to your comments and inspiration. These images are fine art images created from composites of many images. They are metaphors for my experience and self discovery. They represent my experience and my journey. Take from them what you will. I want my experiences to help others find hope and inspiration.

In Light and Love,



My poor blog. My poor neglected blog that has been ignored over the past six months. “Bless it” as a southern gal like me would say. I’ve given more energy to my personal blog and sometimes you just have to step away for awhile.

What’s going on over here? A lot actually and I’m just too busy to blog about it – plus in my efforts to disconnect from this crazy world I just don’t like the internet right now. My creativity right now is pouring out of every pore in my body. I can’t go an hour without being inspired and finding a journal or piece of paper to write down the idea. My daughters inspire me. My pain inspires me. The hawks above inspire me. God inspires me. My father inspires me. My husband inspires me. The sway of the trees and early morning chatter of birds inspire me. The words of Dave Matthews inspire me. Mopping the floors I’m even inspired.

JOURNALS2So with that here’s a peak at recent images for my series which has yet to be named. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey here and on my personal blog. I’m no longer put deadlines to create on myself so hopefully I can create a full series this year.


A New Journey

When I made the decision to take a break from work for a while I thought I may never return to photography. I was burnt out creatively, jaded and exhausted. However as time moved across the landscape of my life I began to realize it wasn’t photography that I was disliking but all of the nonsense that comes with owning a business. I was doing photography that wasn’t authentic to me just to appease clients. That is not a good thing for a creative soul like mine. Then one day I asked myself what work was I happiest with in the past year and my heart and mind yelled ” your work from the beach this summer”. Then I looked up and saw in a row on a my wall – images from those sessions. I had chosen to put those images in my she shed – my retreat. Subconsciously my mind had been drawn to the last time I remember being in love with photography. With that said I will spend most of my energy in 2016 changing the direction and purpose of Amanda McNeal Photography.


nashville child photographer

Light of Attraction

nashville child photographer


nashville child photographer

I am the Butterfly Queen

nashville child photographer


nashville child photographer

Over the Rainbow

Nashville Child Photographer

Lover of the Light


So as with everything, change is inevitable. You can throw your hands in the air like Buddha and let the change engulf you or dig your feet in the ground like a statue and refuse to budge. Up to you but I will choose hands in the air anytime. You will begin to watch my blog change and transform into something new and different from the past. Thanks for all of you that have followed me on this journey and I hope you stick around to see the magic of childhood and the love of life unfold on my blog.





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