Claire | Franklin Child Photographer

fine art top2Claire – the light of my life and keeper of my heart. This girl will do big things one day and take the world by it’s horns. I hope I can always encourage her to draw upon the strength she possesses within, laugh at fear and share her love of life with all. She’s the youngest but the loudest in our house with her doe eyes and long blonde girls. She can wake the dead with her screams but melt your heart with her laugh. A little lisp is cute on her and one day she may have speech therapy as I did. All that she does inspires me and I love to peek and watch her tell fantastical stories to her Barbies and My Little Pony’s. She lives in a magical world of princesses and dragons and dreams and magic. She can make a wand from any stick and curtain rods are sceptors. . I hope she always dreams big and loves even bigger. 05172015-40


Harness | Nashville Fine Art Photographer

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.

-Viktor E. Frankl


To take the darkness and turn it into light is exhausting.

I have stood on the edge and bent my head in shame as the darkness wrapped around me.

I now turn my head to the light and release

Only through the light within and the wind of change

Can I birth the freedom and peace I desire.

This I have done.

This I continue to do.


Storm settles into quiet  |  Darkest dusk leads to a dawn  |  Bleak winter melts into springtime

And the tide turns –

Hold on. 

-Sharon Hudnell

Ascend | 2016 | ©As I begin to share some personal work I look forward to your comments and inspiration. These images are fine art images created from composites of many images. They are metaphors for my experience and self discovery. They represent my experience and my journey. Take from them what you will. I want my experiences to help others find hope and inspiration.

In Light and Love,



My poor blog. My poor neglected blog that has been ignored over the past six months. “Bless it” as a southern gal like me would say. I’ve given more energy to my personal blog and sometimes you just have to step away for awhile.

What’s going on over here? A lot actually and I’m just too busy to blog about it – plus in my efforts to disconnect from this crazy world I just don’t like the internet right now. My creativity right now is pouring out of every pore in my body. I can’t go an hour without being inspired and finding a journal or piece of paper to write down the idea. My daughters inspire me. My pain inspires me. The hawks above inspire me. God inspires me. My father inspires me. My husband inspires me. The sway of the trees and early morning chatter of birds inspire me. The words of Dave Matthews inspire me. Mopping the floors I’m even inspired.

JOURNALS2So with that here’s a peak at recent images for my series which has yet to be named. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey here and on my personal blog. I’m no longer put deadlines to create on myself so hopefully I can create a full series this year.


A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T