Fall Sunburst {Macro Monday}

I have always loved macro photography. I grew up with a father who was forever photographing bugs and flowers with his Canon. Then in college I took a few photography classes (back in the days of film) and found myself always drawn to buzzing bees and blades of grass. Now I’m a big girl with a big girl camera with a big girl lens (I’m a Nikon girl for those of you wondering.) So as a way to share a little bit about me and show you my “hobby” side of photography I will be starting Macro Monday.

Today’s image(s) are from right outside my studio window. The first one is an ariel view of one of the grasses we planted this spring. The bottom is the full view.  I think they are perfect for a day like today when summer is slowing leaving and fall is gently knocking at our door. The sun seems a little brighter in the evenings although they seem a bit cooler. The days of teetering temperatures have arrived – now lets hope for some beautiful fall colors. Enjoy my first Macro Monday!


Claire {7 days}

Don’t you just love the name? I’m a bit partial considering my little 10 week old chuck shares the same name. This was a sweet session. Claire’s mom brought along her mom to hang out and “assist” but I think it was more to have someone oooh and ahhh with. I always tell moms to sit on the sofa and watch some tv. Take a break. Although they tried they couldn’t keep away from the posed newborn…oh and the fact that Claire was one of the hungriest babies I have ever had at a session. It was a wonderful morning and I’m so blessed that I got to capture this sweet little angel. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Snapping away and smiling,


how much house can i afford - September 26, 2011 - 12:53 am

i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

Julia Turns 2 – Part I

My sweet Julia turned two this weekend so let the sessions begin. I have a few ideas for her that I will have to test out over a few sessions. She’s a handful and by the end of the day I just can’t have an hour session with “wild woman”. With that said here is part 1. Can I add that it is 100 degrees here and being outside in the evening for more than 10 minutes (without being in the pool) drives me a little batty. So I snapped a few and although I have none of her looking into the camera that’s ok because this is Julia – happy go lucky always ready to find the next adventure. Sitting next to a 2 is not an adventure considering mommy hid the chalk. This was a five minute session that was lost to the pool – how dare I interrupt pool time in the name of photography? Oh well, enjoy my little colorful cutie – snooty face and all.

Wyatt {10 days}

Oh look at this handsome little guy:-) We had such a wonderful session Saturday morning at my studio. His parents were up for anything (which is always a plus) and the images show it. He is one of the three newborns I’m doing over maternity leave and lucky me his parents allowed me to pretty much anything and he slept through the entire session.  It definately didn’t feel like a day at the office. Thanks again and enjoy the sneak peek!Oh the hair!Lovin’ my new prop from Ikea (above) and 60mm lens (below).

Claire {3 days young}

So as a mom of a newborn and a two year old I just don’t have time to sit and edit in my quiet studio to the weeeee hours of the morning. So with that said  here is my first of many posts about my sweet Claire. I will be on maternity leave until September and after that booking limited sessions until 2012. Don’t you think she’s worth it? Just look at her sweetness! So here’s a peek at her at 3 days old  – she is now 21 days old as I post this but still as squishy and sleepy as day 3. Enjoy!

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T