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I just love maternity sessions. I get the opportunity to photograph one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. Granted I didn’t feel beautiful with either of my pregnancies but looking back at pictures I can see beauty. All expectant moms have this aurora about them – overwhelming joy, excitement, sweet anticipation. In their eyes, their laugh, their smile, their words. On top of this with each maternity client I know I will be meeting that sweet joy growing inside within a few months….LOVE!

I met Ashleigh at one of my favorite locations. Since it was 32 degrees we had the whole place to ourselves. With her being from Boston the cold didn’t even phase her. I mean look at the photos – isn’t she gorgeous? As I secretly froze we wondered the site for an hour snapping and chatting. (That’s another great things about maternity sessions – adult conversation. I love my babies and newborn sessions but a lot of times that are spent focusing on the little one whereas maternity sessions I am focused on another adult which is pretty awesome at times.) We talked babies, nursery colors, what to expect in labor, life….she’s a pretty awesome momma to be and I can’t wait to meet her sweet little lady.

Snapping away and smiling,


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Adina - January 20, 2012 - 9:43 pm

What a beautiful lady and I love the pictures. I love the way you do maternity photos, every momma-to-be always looks gorgeous.

Anna-Sophia » Amanda McNeal Photography - April 10, 2012 - 8:08 pm

[…] her is just gorgeous and she get’s it honest – her mom was a glowing beauty during her maternity session. I even love her name. When her mom told it to me at her maternity session I just knew she was […]


Some of the images from a commercial session I did a few months back. I just got the gallery wraps in and am even thinking of putting up a few in my home. The clients chose the color panoramic and classic black and whites of the other images. I had to however include a few of the color versions as I just love them. Enjoy my city – Nashville.


The PROP Closet – Bliss:-)

Props…most newborn photographer’s addicition. I’m proud to say that I am one of them. I love props. Maybe it’s my interior design background or the fact that tiny little blankets and bows are impossible to resist when wrapped around a tiny little angel but all I know is props call my name. Plus it doesn’t help that I’m 2 miles south of Hobby Lobby and 2 miles north of Franklin’s antique district. Since I began my journey into photography I’ve been buying and collecting props. Like other photographers they can take over your studio which mine had.

Last week I sat down at my computer and looked through all of my current work to figure out my Faves of 2011. With that task I began to truely understand my style.  I’ve known for some time now the direction I wanted to take my newborn photography but didn’t have the nerve to do it.  The simple natural images in my work called my name – they called to my heart – they called to my soul. With that I decided to clean house – I immediately pulled all of the bright colored props owned (36 to be exact), photographed them and put them aside to sale.  The calm, soft, sweet and peaceful neutrals remained. Bliss.

What to do with these blissful props that remained spread throughout my studio? Put them in the closet! I immediately cleaned out the storage closet in my studio, put everything in the attic and moved in my blissful props. Now I find myself walking in my prop closet just to look at it. I am in love with it for now. Can I move a mattress in there and sleep? Now I’m ready for the 2012 newborns to start visiting the studio so I can share some more blissful images.


Old Man Frost {Macro Monday}


Overnight, a giant spilt icing sugar on the ground,
He spilt it in the hedgerows, and the trees without a sound,
He made a wedding-cake of the haystack in the field,
He dredged the countryside and the grass was all concealed,
He sprinkled sugar on the roofs, in patches not too neat,
And in the morning when we woke, the world around was sweet.

-Valerie Bloom

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T