Claire {3 days young}

So as a mom of a newborn and a two year old I just don’t have time to sit and edit in my quiet studio to the weeeee hours of the morning. So with that said  here is my first of many posts about my sweet Claire. I will be on maternity leave until September and after that booking limited sessions until 2012. Don’t you think she’s worth it? Just look at her sweetness! So here’s a peek at her at 3 days old  – she is now 21 days old as I post this but still as squishy and sleepy as day 3. Enjoy!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

It is so hard to believe that one year ago this month I made my passion for photography into something more than just a hobby, a love, a sanity saver…I made it into my business. It is a decison that has come with it’s ups and downs, sacrifices and rewards but most of all it has allowed me to share in the most joyous times of my client’s lives! I LOVE my job. After my family it is my biggest love. I have had such a wonderful time this first year. I have learned more than I ever imagined and have been so blessed to have amazing clients that have trusted my creative visions and let me try out new ideas and inspirations on their most precious cargo. Thanks to each of you for such an amazing first year and helping my business grow like a beautiful Magnolia in the spring:-)

With all of that said I’m giving away some fabulous prizes in this next contest! I’ve chosen some of my favorite images (notice I’ve said some – I could have added 26 more but had to stop somewhere – even once I got this whole post finished I wanted to add more but I must stop! I have galleries to edit! ). I have different reasons behind each – some for the artistic aspect, some for the emotional or maybe some for the story that you don’t even see in the picture – but they all have a special place in heart:-) So here’s how the contest to be my favorite image of my first year will work:

1. Have your friends and family vote for their (or your) favorite image on facebook on my business page. They will have to “like” my page in order to vote. 

2. In the photo albums on my page find the “First Anniversary Faves” album. Locate the image you want to vote for in that album and comment under that image. Only comments under the image you are voting for will count.

3. Please only vote under the image one time. You may vote for more than one image however duplicate votes will not count.

4. Voting ends 3/20 at midnight!

5. So here are the prizes:

First Place: 11×14 gallery wrap of the winning image, digital file of image as well as a  session for the 2011 or 2012 year

Second Place: 11×14 mount of that image

Third Place: 5×7 mount of winning image

So get to spreading the work and vote for your favorite image!! Thanks again for making it such an amazing year and I can’t wait to share all the amazing things coming to Amanda McNeal Photography in 2011!


First Place: 11×14 gallery wrap of the winning image, digital file of image as well as a  session for the 2011 or 2012 year

#10 – Center of Attention

There was a tie for second so both will receive a mounted 11×14 of that image.

#2 – Baby Whimsey

#24 – Unique Bond

Julia by the Sea

My family and I recently took our first family vacation to Seaside, Florida. While we were there I had to take pics of my sweet little girl. This is my first beach photoshoot ever and I guess I was pretty lucky when it came to this shoot…a little girl who loved the sand from her first day at the beach, a dramatic sky from the storm slowly rolling in and a little barking battery operated dog named Dottie that kept her moving and smiling.  I  am so in love with these photos. I see some gallery wrap purchases in my near future. 

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T