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Here are a few images showing safety precautions and proper posing from a recent newborn session. It is my job to ensure the safety of my most tiny and precious little clients. As a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) it is my duty to use my blog as a platform to inform expectant moms, potential clients and other photographers safety procedures that should always be taken.

I like to allow parents to relax during sessions and I explain each pose/set-up as I go. I also explain that some require more than one set of hands and if they would like to assist I can do these poses but not without. I also have a clause that states I will not do any poses that I deem unsafe or do not feel comfortable doing. If I have new parents that seem uncomfortable I roll with that. If I have fourth time parents who will let me hang the baby from the fan then I suggest to them the potato sack pose or baby on arm pose because I know they have a high comfort level and have been around this block a few times. However, I always ask them to assist and be there to help out for safety. SAFETY FIRST!

This first pose is called the potato sack pose. I love it! I don’t do it as often as I like but when I do I just love the results! To do this you need two assistants and a super tight and stretchy swaddle. Swaddle the baby’s legs criss crossed and get them to sleep. Once they are asleep tighten it even more so they are sturdy as possible upright. Since their heads are still wobbly (sometimes I can swaddle them so their heads are tight)  I have one parent/assistant hold the head and one hold the body. SNAP A SHOT x5! I then have them move their fingers and hands at seperate times and snap an image. I take multiple exposures so I have lots to work with.  I remind them to not cover ears as those are impossible to recreate. I then take my little image to PS5 and do my magic.



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