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I, like most of you, grew up in an age of film, point and shoot, waiting a week for your images to develop and actual tangible pictures you could hold in your hand. Memories to be framed and to be past down from generation to generation.We also experienced the end of this era. (However recently film is making a comeback!)

With the arrival of digital and the ease of getting images within seconds of downloading them people are no longer printing images. (instant gratification – hard to deny.)  Will your grandkids stumble on your digital collection hidden among folders on in an obsolete computer or a box of actual photographs containing pics of youthful you and their parent as a kid?? If you loose some of those images then those are memories lost forever -for some it is hard to remember things you don’t remember without a reminder. Did you know computer crashes are more occurring than home fires?

It’s important to take time to print off images that hold special meaning or a memory you want to relive years from now. Don’t loose them to a computer crash or obsolete technology.  From your child’s first Halloween costume, hands of a grandparent, a first day of kindergarten, catching fireflies on a summer evening…these are memories you want to hold onto. Digital is fine to capture these there is something special about holding the image in your hands and reliving the moment – being in the moment of experienced the beauty of life. The personal connection a paper image can create.

How to Preserve Your Memories Through Photographic Prints

  1. Mark your calendar every couple months to go back through the past months images.
  2. Star, favorite or copy and past your favorite images to an “order” folder.
  3. Use an online printing site such as who will give you high quality images for a great price. The turn over is quick and much better than a drugstore print lab. They actually have a great sale doing on right now. 25% off Prints
  4. Once your images arrive, frame a few and store the rest. I store mine in archive photo boxes.



While talking about preserving your memories it’s also important to note your computer could crash anytime as mentioned above. You need to have your images backed up digitally as well. Here are a couple of great articles discussing the very topic.

Digital Photo Preservation  |   How to Store Digital Photos

The intangibility of digital imagery, as well as technology constantly changing, negatively affects photo preservation and retrieving. Technology is constantly becoming obsolete among software or storage devices. Ten years ago one could back up to DVD but now many computers don’t even come with a DVD drive. Believe it or not the DVD is becoming obsolete.  Now that data needs to be converted over to USB’s, dropbox storage, etc. Howe long with this technology last? In one hundred years do you really think these technologies will exist outside an antique store? I’m sure no one thought film would become antique.

I hope this has enlightened everyone and gets everyone to start the journey of printing images and saving them for generations to come.



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