Sabbatical | Mind Body and Soul Healing

This is a difficult blog post to write. So much that I have been writing it for three weeks now. I add, edit, delete, add, edit, delete….I guess I need to just post it and get on with it.

I recently made the decision to take time away from Amanda McNeal Photography. This has been a decision I have struggled with for months now. It doesn’t come easy to say I’m taking a indefinite break from Amanda McNeal Photography and when people ask what I do I’m still not sure what to respond with. I guess that will come. I have nurtured my business from day 1 and loved every minute of being a business owner to my passion. I love my work. LOVE IT!  Yet there are two things I love more – myself and my family.

This sabbatical will give me the much needed time to figure out the direction I want to take AMP. It will also allow me the time I need to heal my mind, body and soul. Two years ago I lost my father to cancer and that along with other major life changes in that time period have taken a toll on me in many ways. My mind and body have told me in some loud ways that they need attention. After discussions with my husband and my doctors this break is a much needed one for me to take time to heal myself – physically and mentally. Running Amanda McNeal Photography is hard. There’s constant marketing, editing, photographing for income (sort of takes the fun out of it at times) and a lot of added stress that just isn’t conducive to my medical plan. Don’t get me wrong – I love to gogogogogo and come up with new ideas for AMP but it’s time for me to take a break.

I also want to embrace this time in my girls’ lives. They are such amazing little ladies and I don’t want to regret working so much during this time. I started this journey with them being my muses. I’ve missed that. In the last few weeks I have photographed them more than I have in the past year. It has felt wonderful and they have loved every minute of it.

I will still be finishing up all of my booked clients, upcoming newborns and special sessions. I will be doing sets of mini sessions in the winter: Santa Mini Sessions at the studio in December and Christmas Tree Minis in November. I will not be doing fall minis.  I will also be doing personal creative sessions for me which will require model calls.  As a creative person you still have to a need for a creative outlet. I have been discovering new ways to let that creativity blossom but photography is still my favorite.

So how long will I be taking a break? I don’t know. As of now – indefinitely. After six months I along with my doctors will look at where I am and go from there. I will still be posting here and there on Facebook and blogging (a must so I don’t fall off the internet searches) but focusing mainly on myself during this time.  I hope to return reenergized and ready to take AMP to the next level. However I know that I can not do that until I take care of me.



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