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I think one of the most encouraging events in my newborn photography career was seeing early work of Carrie Sandoval of Baby as Art. At the workshop I attended she shared with us her beginning images and made me realize – even the best start somewhere and hone their craft. With that said and part of my new direction is to help others I want to show my progress in my journey.

Sweet Savannah was a healthy girl unlike the purple and pale baby seen in this image. This is another image I remember being so proud of! Also why is this six day old trying to catch flies with her mouth? Why didn’t I take a few moments to just closer her mouth. She had such a pretty pout but your really can’t see it here. Below this image of Savannah is her sister, Maisie, that I photographed recently. There are two years between these two girls so this shows how far one can come with the will to want to learn, workshops, mentoring and believing in oneself.

2011sample set up 2 - edited2013AMP_4726

I remember when I took this image below – I thought it was amazing. Now looking at it I wouldn’t dare show it in my portfolio. It was taken three years ago and at the time probably one of my best images. However now that I look at it all I see is a pink blanket and a big hat. Where’s that beautiful baby? Why does she look like she has a cone head because she had a perfectly round head with a ton of hair. Oh and the bright colors….would anyone really put this in their living room for many years? Also in this pose you should be able to see her sweet toes. I could really tear apart this image but won’t. I just want new photographers that follow me to see that we all start somewhere. Don’t let anyone get you down.

hat 1


{still using pink but making it simpler so we see beautiful Genevieve and all her perfection}

genevieve (22)So whether you have been doing this for decades or three months remember that photography is a constant journey. Invest in the proper training, posing, mentoring, workshops, periodicals, magazines….learn! Also take time to reflect and find your style. ┬áThere a so many photographers out there so find what makes you happy – makes your work special – and follow it. I hope this inspired you today!

I will start offering mentoring starting in March. Details to come soon. If you can’t wait there are so many others out there that do amazing jobs at mentoring and teaching. Just ask and I can direct you in the right way. I am always here to help new and aspiring photographers via email.



Deise Harner - September 7, 2015 - 6:57 pm

Please send information of your newborn workshop.Thank you in advance,Deise Harner

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