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I believe images should be shown and not trapped on a computer.

Personal Disclosure: I have images on my hard drive that still haven't made it to print because I didn't allow the photographer to do the work. They were delivered to my inbox and I added "create album" to the to do list. Life got busier and "create album" fell off the list eventually. Every now and then it shows back up but no album does. Just "create album". I have these beautiful albums of my babies when they were smaller but as they got older I got busier. I keep saying one day....

However let me do the work for you when it comes to displaying your images. It's really my job. Once you attend your reveal session you will have the opportunity to look at the variety of products I offer. From albums to wall art to the digital app, I will assist you in choosing what fits both you and your senior's needs and wants.

concierge wall art service

Like I said let me do the work for you. This service is included in The Graduate, The Dolly and The Whole Sh'Bang. I will come to your home, take pictures and measurements then present to you a mock up of how your images will look in your home. After arrival of your art if you choose I will come to your home and professionally install. Done.