Explore the World. Explore Yourself.

I’m a traveler. I Iove it. It’s part of the fabric of who I am. For me Moab, UT and Costa Rica are very special places. The people. The landscape. The energy. Both locations…Moab has my heart and Costa Rica has my soul. 

Going to Costa Rica by myself the first time was scary. I had no idea really about where I was going or what it was like. It was a last minute travel decision but I knew it was where I needed to be. Fear is necessary in life but also we have to learn to determine which fears hold us back and which fears send us into a journey of growth. Facing these fears haven’t steered me wrong yet. 

So I could list 100 reasons - ok so maybe just 10 - of why I absolutely Iove solo travel but one big one is it gives you a chance to know yourself away from your normal everyday life. Face the fear of being who you are called to be. I’m me - all me and free when I solo travel. Many people here might not even recognize me. See what I’ve realized is that is when you’re away from the expectations of life - you know those expectations from friends, family and yourself- you have time to really explore you. Where I live there are often unbearable expectations placed upon us. I can’t imagine the weight these girls today feel. Never being able to escape and hearing it 24/7 from the internet what you need to be, do, act, wear, eat…soul crushing and heart breaking. However when you explore the outside world - that world out of your everyday bubble - you can be anyone - you can be that person inside of you screaming to get out. You face different challenges and meet different people and must step out of your comfort zone but in that sweet but scary spot of life you grow wildly. You see things. You hear things. You do things. You don’t have to be. These experiences and people enrich yourself. Enrich your soul. Make you heart grow. Give you opportunities to grow your mind and grow your heart. 

Costa Rica is such a simple place. The people are so enriching though. Their kindness - you forget about the rapid pace of where we live and reminded of humanity. Slow down. Take in who you are speaking with and take in the beauty around you. Take in the beauty of you. Soak you in while soaking in the lessons and ideas of the world around you. From hearing the howler monkeys (pic above) wake you in the morning - they sound fearsome but are quite harmless - to the sunsets over the Pacific that are one moment blinding and leave me personally thinking - this isn’t beautiful but painful to my eyes but the next calm and peaceful and a blessing to my mind. The purity of the food and higher energy of the collective. I always leave there feeling detoxed with my mind and body. Heck this time I came back giving up chicken, beef and pork. It turned me pescatarian. 

Explore the world and explore yourself. When we venture out of our bubble take the gift of opportunity to be exactly who you want to see when you look in the mirror.