Meet Hallie.

I met Hallie's mom through The Arc of Middle Tennessee when I had the honor of photographing their entire team! That's another blog post coming soon! What a great organization. So a few weeks later I photographed Hallie. Now this girl is quite amazing. When I read her questionnaire I said "I'm excited to capture this girl."

Each client gets a questionnaire once they book. In hers she mentioned she described herself as funny, loved barns, fields, built her own car and her fave quote was from Talladega Nights. If you haven't seen that movie then put it on your list now. Will Ferrell at his best. Anyways, I took on the color theme of red and knew to keep it natural. Called up a friend to ask if I could use her barn and she said yes. Woohoo! Thanks Kris! Of course this girl loved the barn. Who wouldn't? Oh and the swing...big bonus.

Kris needs to seriously rent out her property. Fields too? What a gem of a location!

You want fields? We live in Franklin. They are everywhere. Want a great vintage chair....head to your local Goodwill. All of my vintage chairs come from there. Except for the blue....not even gonna say.

To Pose or Not to that even a question?

I do love to pose my girls. I'm not an overposer days. I did enough of that as a newborn photographer. All posing for me back then. I feel that you can capture one's personality the best with the in between moments when there's a laugh from the weird pose we just did or when they are just not paying attention to me. One of my fave photos from this series is the one where she is holding her finger under her nose. At first I thought - is that tiktok thing? Nope. She has a mustache this girls sense of humor. See if you can find her other tattoos?

You Can't Ride in My Little Red Wagon....or my daddy's big truck.

So this girl built her own car however instead of it she wanted to use her daddy's truck. I'm gonna go with she's a daddy's girl. I know I was. This was her fave part of her session and I ❤️❤️❤️ how it turned out for her. I love the entire session to be honest. The lighting, temps, skies....all of it. And for photographers. I recently put on a new polarizer and it has cut my time in half in the editing and correcting lighting.

First time ever photographing someone in a truck and finding all of these unique angles made this really my fave part of the session. It challenged me and in the end I ❤️ the results and I know Hallie did as well and that's what matters most.

And the daisy photo. There was just a small patch but daisies are my absolute fave photo. We had finished the session but I think I know me as the photographer who thinks the session is a wrap and tells my clients it is and then.....I find another spot or in this case daisies. A perfect ending to an amazing session. Thanks to Hallie and her family for the opportunity!

Hair and Makeup: Elizabeth Warner Artistry | White dress: Hollister | Vintage chair: Goodwill | Vintage Ford: Her Daddy