01 / 25

Rain Can Be A Good Thang....

Seriously ya'll...if I knew every session that involved rain would turn out this amazing I would walk around with a plastic bag on my camera doing a rain dance...seriously. Now I won't lie it wasn't easy but the reward was so worth it. We went from Nashville to College Grove within three hours on an early Sunday morning. That is the only way you will get me to photograph you on Honky Tonk Row. She wanted something more unique and I think I successfully gave it to her and her family. Mom was a superstar with her driving here and there downtown while we jumped in and out of her car. Chloe rocked it like a true model never complaining about the rain or humidity once the rain gave up on us.

So for unique she is the great granddaughter of Ernest Tubb and this was the first stop on our photography adventure. She also wanted to incorporate the goddess Artemis so it was fun bringing in my concept work skills to give her a truly unique image. Everything and I mean everything about this session I love! Enjoy scrolling through this one of a kind gal's images.