"There is no place like home."

L. Frank Baum​​ / Dorothy

I’ve lived a few houses down from this family for 10 years. It will actually be 10 years this Halloween. I've watched the boys grow up and their little girls arrive. Little Joselyn was photographed in my newborn garden one morning. My family has had laughs in this house. The boys and my girls have spent summers playing with other neighbors. However now with four kiddos - they have grown out of their house and moving. Katie asked me to come over one morning to capture them having breakfast as that is a memory she wanted to capture and keep still in time. What an honor to be invited into someone's sacred space. It’s been years since I did lifestyle photography so this was a refreshing treat for me. Another 2020 challenge taken and out of my comfort zone. Here are some of my favorites from over 100 photos....yep got a little carried away.

Oh and can we talk about their kitchen. I want it. Like really bad. Kitchen envy - it's a real thing. Their house goes on the market soon so it could be yours.