I'm going to go ahead and say it - one of my fave sessions ever!!! I just loved this family. Mom explained how her boys would not sit still but that did not stop her from capturing this time in their lives and let me tell you now. Once the kids get older they aren't going to find sessions fun. After 45 sessions this fall I can tell you that your kids will not always be this young and carefree. They will not always warm up to the camera. They will not always listen when you beg them to enjoy the shoot. Bribes of ice cream will not be enough. Tickles for giggles won't be as cute. Get those family photos taken now while your babies are little. If you're kids refuse to sit that is more than OKAY because it is simply showing who they and who your family is right now. The real you. Not the picture perfect magazine you. But you and the family you will remember forty years from now when you are holding your grand babies.

This session was such a success for many reasons. Mom was straight up honest with me in the beginning that her boys would probably not stay still and she wasn't asking for the perfect family photo. Instead she wanted me to capture them as they truly are. They didn't have unrealistic expectations. Listen up y'all. I've photographed kids for 11 years now. I have a long list of tricks to get kids to smile and laugh. However I am not a miracle worker. If put two rambunctious boys in front of me and expect me to give you the perfect family photo with everyone looking at me I can't guarantee it. I can guarantee I will capture them being kids - happy and energetic kids. However scroll to the end and you will see the "miracle" shot. Maybe we had worn them down from walking around the park, swinging and climbing trees but we managed to get them to stand still for a small second in time.

The right photographer is out there for everyone. It may take some searching but they are. Our field is oversaturated right now. We all have different specialties and gifts.

So with further adieu enjoy a quick peak into their session at the park. We closed the park as you would say. We shot past sunset because they were having so much fun climbing a tree and those are the shots you will want to remember.