Meet Alden. Class of 2021 at Battle Ground Academy

.She’s a free soul whose spirit will capture the world. Her images was also recently chosen as a Best of 2020 in Senior Year Magazine. Way to go Alden!

She was up for anything during her session but she also knew exactly what she wanted - natural, rock walls and fields fo gold. She was going for a Boho look with wardrobe and location. A couple weeks before I had found a beautiful vintage chair at Goodwill and she wanted it as well. Like I said she knew what she wanted and she gave me some good advice. "Seniors know exactly what they want." I learned so much from Alden from posing to senior psychology and I look forward to photographing her again in the future.


This was my first ever senior session and after it I made the decision that it was time to shift direction in my business for I had finally found joy and excitement in photography again. As a former newborn photographer who is crossing my own threshold to a new chapter in life just like these seniors, there is an excitement and new found passion discovering something new about myself. Like these seniors I'm going to face new challenges stepping out of the world I've grown so comfortable in. I must say 2020 has brought me challenges in many ways but it has also rewarded me with opportunities and experiences I would have never had if 2020 didn't happen. I look forward to this dramatic shift and bringing in my easy and free style combined with my love for fine art photography. I hope you come along and take the journey with me.