Headshots - another exciting take on as I return to the photography world refreshed and excited. I've known Ashley for almost 11 years! She's my oldest friend here in Nashville but my youngest. She's one of those friends who you don't speak to everyday but when you finally get together it's fun, easy and soul filling. Every woman needs these kind of friendships. This woman has watched me fall, hit the ground, lay there then rise. She's starting a new chapter in her life now and it is my hope that these headshots represent the fun and carefree personality she has.

Headshots should show the world the you but also that you can do business. I've done my own recently and love them. I got a great collection for myself of business casual to fun and free to market myself on social media and blog.

So my questions? Do you have headshots? If so are they updated? Keep an eye out for when I announce my Headshots with Heart sessions in March. For each headshot a portion is donated to a local charity.

For now though here's Ashley. May your grand adventure be filled with the joy and laughter that your session shows.