College Here She Comes...

Audrey is no stranger to this page. She was one of my first senior models and I've been lucky enough to photograph her since her junior year. My how she has grown up in front of my camera. I recently did her final session ☹️ but that's a good thing because it means she's crossing a threshold into the next chapter of her life. I've captured her in downtown Nashville, Franklin fields, barns, football fields and downtown Franklin. I think we've covered it all. However for her final session we kept it to the places that mean the most to her. Audrey is a really well rounded, motivated and beautiful young woman. I know it's cliche but I see big things for her.

Western Kentucky get ready!

Downtown Franklin

We took to the streets and literally stopped traffic to make some of these images happen!

Prom Present and Past

I'm a sucker for photographing prom gowns so when she asked me to photograph her dress from last year and the one she would be wearing this year I jumped at it! This girl can seriously rock the sweet as well as the sassy look and gonna go with BLUE is her color!

Good luck on all of your future endeavors and thanks again for the opportunity and trusting me to capture you over the past few years!