Imagine All the Possibilities.....

What if you could create your life you imagine with a simple craft project? We know I love a good craft project. Give me some scissors and glue and watch me go. Well…I truly believe that a mind not restricted by fear and some simple craft supplies can help you bring that dream life to reality. 

Three years ago I made my first real vision board and from it evolved so much good in my life. I remember in that vision board I had the phrase “BE FEARLESS”. (I actually took the fearless off and used it in 2020. Yes I reuse words because maybe it’s something I’m still working towards.) 


2020 - the COVID year


Be fearless. Be fearless. You are brave. You are brave. Be brave.

I had done a lot of personal work in the years prior to the first vision board but I was at a point in my life I needed clarity and direction. Over organized planners and life goal books weren’t helping. I know I’m not alone in that we are fully committed when we get the planner but two months later we realize we haven’t looked at it for the past month. They work for many but I needed something different. I still swear by my planner but I’m a visual person and having this in front of me every day reminds me of my purpose and what my life is to look like. 


  1. Plan out what you want in your life for the year. Really think about it. Write it down. ]
  2. Grab all the magazines you can get your hands on, a pair of scissors and glue. 
  3. Start flipping and just cut out words and pics that call to you. I just tear pages then cut later. 
  4. Let go of “it should look this way”. 
  5. For me I separate mine into sections – spiritual, business/financial, travel/hobbies, miscellaneous. However you do you. 
  6. Can’t find a word you want to use? Write it! 
  7. Eliminate time constraints. 

This doesn’t have to be done in a day. Some years mine are but this year I’m still working on it. 


I look at mine from this year with only two weeks remaining in the year and so much of it has come to fruition. I’m convinced of the power. All the good that has happened to me over the past years isn’t coincidental. I have traveled extensively, found my sacred feminine, took up yoga (I took my first yoga class in Costa Rica – note the orange board was made before I went to CR), learned about chakras and now pay attention to the changes in mine, become the lioness that I’ve always longed to be, became a realtor (which has helped fund my travels) and found my center – my life balance. This year I was financially successful for the first time since prior to my nervous breakdown. I focused a lot on the business side this year and with that this year will have me a bit more focused on my physical and spiritual health. 

Ya gotta give yourself grace though. So did I learn to play the guitar, start selling Noonday, make it to the Amazon or Maui yet (but did make it to Europe with plans of Ecuador this year) or take another road trip across the desert? No but that is okay. Did I buy a new camera or have I finished my memoir? Have I had an art gallery showing? Nope but those things are coming in my life – I know it. Vision boards are also meant to inspire and give focus. 

Now a vision board isn’t your fairy godmother and without the work it won’t happen but it’s a very powerful tool. I look at it every morning and then throughout the day. It is in my office next to my desk where I see it almost everyday. I guess my mind subconsciously puts the pieces into motion. That makes sense to me. Let me be honest too. I used to think vision boards were a lot of talk until I tried them. Their power is real. If you have read past entries on this blog you have to realize that some of the things I do work – some don’t – but this one does. 

Like my first vision board says – where will the road take you? I believe that if you put it out there the road can take you wherever you believe it will. Here’s to the journey of this year and seeing where my road leads. 

2022 Vision Board

FULL DISCLOSURE #1: I used to think vision boards and the ability to manifest your destiny was a bunch of bull BUT….I tried it and wow. It can be a real gift to your life and creating the life you dream of. 

FULL DISCLOSURE #2: A vision board isn’t magic. It does take planning. I plan out my year the two weeks prior to the beginning of the year using my planner on my iPad. I go through goals, action plans, reflecting on why I didn’t meet certain goals from the previous year, places I want to visit, skills I want to learn…I continue to check back throughout the year to see where I am in meeting these goals. 

As you can tell I truly believe in the power of the vision board. Go ahead and try it. It may or may not be for you but you never know if you don’t try:-)