The Goal & Details

I have two goals in my maternity sessions. 

  1. Inspire confidence and empower you!
  2. Create a piece of fine art to frame and display in your home as well as other heirloom products. 

To do this my sessions are carefully designed around your needs and wants as well as what I know works to create the imagery you see and have booked me for. 

👉👉When should I have my maternity photos taken? 

Typically maternity photos are taken between 28-32 weeks. Mommas at this time are out of the feeling not so great stage. They are also starting to show but not to the point you are uncomfortable again.

👉When should I book my session? 

I always say when you find out and decide to do this style photo then book. I have to coordinate with my makeup artist as well as sometimes order specific items based on your session design. 

👉Can I have my photos taken in my home? 

My maternity sessions take place in my studio located in the charming pink Victorian in downtown Columbia. My studio has everything you need to have a relaxing session as well as create the dramatic and artistic images you see. My sessions require specific lighting and backdrops to create what you see.  

👉What do I wear? 

For maternity sessions I provide a luxe and diverse wardrobe. My sessions are about creating a piece of fine art for your home. Every detail is thought out just like a painting. In your session you will most likely wear a couture style gown (silk or tulle), silk wrap, bodysuit and fun look. 

👉How long do these sessions last? 

These sessions last 90 minutes but hair and makeup prior to the session lasts 90 minutes. Sessions typically start at 9 and end by noon. I always provide a light breakfast and snacks throughout the shoot to keep both you and baby comfortable. 

👉Is professional hair and makeup included? 

Yes! This is because in the end I’m creating art pieces. I will retouch your final images but having a professional artist do hair and makeup starts the session with confidence building but also helps me in post give a truly natural look with artistic flair. 

👉Can I include my family? 

Yes! You can include your partner and children but suggested they arrive during the last 30 minutes of your session. During your session I want to be focused on you and you focused on you!! This is YOUR time to have a piece of art created of you. 

👉Do you offer more than digitals?

Yes and I encourage you to purchase not just the digitals. Please do not purchase digitals then have a 5x7 printed at Walgreens. This does not do the art we have created justice. I encourage having atleast a 16x24 printed on archival fine art paper and professionally framed which I offer all these services. I have samples in studio you are able to view as well. I offer other products such as albums and prints in addition to the digitals we all desire. My fave collection to invest in would be: a fine art print framed, locally created heirloom album and 5-10 of your fave images in digital form to share on social media.

If you are considering me for your maternity photographer then please don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have!! I'm here to walk you through the entire maternity portrait experience.