Anxiety sucks!

I was a teen in high school at one point in my life. Then earned three degrees in college. Then took on an adult life. These three periods in my life always had a common thread - anxiety. I get it. Anxiety sucks! It stops you in your tracks. The massive amount of information that must be learned in a short amount of time, relationships with friends, intimate relationships with others, sports, parties, clothing trends, constant connection to social media and the outside world. it’s a lot to keep up with and seems impossible to escape from.

I’m a lucky one. I’ve overcome anxiety in my later adult years (although it still creeps in at time but I guess it's part of being human) and have many stories on my personal blog about this monster called anxiety. I have even create a a wealth of concept images depicting what anxiety feels like - at least to me. You can see those over on Insta @amandamcnealart. If you relate to images more than words it's worth a quick look.

So you’re busy and reading this may give you anxiety if it's too long so let’s get to it and create a tool kit to fight this monster.

  1. Mother Nature. Spend as much time as you can outside in the sun. Let her wrap her comforting arms around you. Read, garden, lay in the grass, listen to the birds, watch the clouds….breathe in the fresh air and bask in the sunlight. 
  2. BREATHWORK. It took me a while to jump on this bandwagon but once I did I realized the power of controlling oxygen intake. It has scientific and yogic explanations. Personally for me box breathing and alternate nostril breathing work for anxiety. Here’s a great link with directions. . 
  3. Panic attack? Heavy breathing and sweating with rapid thoughts? Sit in your door frame with your feet pushing against the frame and back pushing against other side and at the same time practice box breathing. It may take about five minutes but will calm you. 
  4. Yoga & Meditation. It’s now scientifically and not just spiritually proven to change your brain when done consistently. I’m a yoga app snob but I’m loving the Down Dog appAlomoves is another great one.
  5. Walk. Take a stroll or fast paced walk. Put in your earbuds and drift away. Exercise however you like but just get the endorphins pumping. 
  6. Limit alcohol. I know this is a hard one right now with so much stress but maybe make a goal to only drink x amount of days a week especially if you are having high anxiety. A girlfriend called it hangxiety.
  7. Write, journal, read. 
  8. Sleep! Sleep! Get your sleep. 
  9. Although binge watching tv helps you escape the low vibrations can cause stagnant energy which can create anxiety. Same with too much screen time. I know it’s hard. There’s a world out there that needs you. They can wait. Your mental health can’t.
  10. Plan your day. Yes people will make fun of you for a schedule but keeping yourself on a schedule will reduce some of the uncertainty and give you a new normal routine. For those of us who have anxiety just knowing our day is laid out in front of us, step by step, anxiety can be chipped away.

Pick your fave above and start there. Breathwork for me was a life changer. I hope this helps you find some peace during this crazy action packed time in your life.