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Meet Kyla. She came to Nashville for a prestigious music camp at Belmont. Welcome to Music City! She wanted a unique session different from what she could get back in her hometown in Kansas. Challenge accepted...this session offered many challenges actually but we will get to those later. She wanted to incorporate the city so I got to work choosing locations that would match up with her questionnaire. In four hours over two days actually thanks to the challenge of Nashville traffic at The World Cup, we managed to do a shoot at The Parthenon, Nashville Public Library, Printers Alley and Ellington Ag Center.

I do love how her session turned out - sweet and sassy. A little city and a little urban. Sunset session and sunrise session all in one. Only due to Nashville traffic did we make that happen but I love how it turned out. But the greatest challenge for me personally....morning light. Below is a bit I posted on social media when sharing her morning session images.


Life is supposed to challenge us and scare us. If it didn’t it would be boring. Yeah fear is not welcome but fear is a gift. Fear teaches us if we just let it.

I lived many years letting fear control me instead of letting it be my teacher. So before I tell ya a little about this gorgeous session, here are some things I’ve learned from 42 years of life.

🌼It’s a successful day if you’ve learned something new.

🌼If something scares you and excites you at the same time then you should do it.

🌼Everything happens as it is supposed to.

🌼The sun waits for no one.

This series of images almost didn’t happen however they did and I adore them. Kyla came from Kansas for her senior session. It was all planned to happen in the city then one of my fave spots right outside of downtown Nashville at sunset. Well the World Cup traffic had different plans and the sun was not waiting on us. We had to shift gears and meet the morning before she left Nashville. So here we go….

I’m a sunset photographer - not a sunrise photographer. For twelve years I’ve scheduled sessions at sunset. I had done a few at sunrise but never ever ever ever happy with the results. Very different light. Different angles, shades, brightness, lens flare..I was scared of having to do these images in the morning. However I knew I had to do it and knew that letting my fear ruin the part of the session Kyla was super excited about was not an option. Challenge accepted. Sooo….we met super early and two hours later when the sun was too high to shoot anymore I knew we had created a series of images she would love and I could be proud of. Take that fear….They turned out to be some of her absolute favorites and let me tell you we created some gorgeous images during her 4 hour session which I will be sharing here and there because beauty is meant to be shared.

If you let fear rule your life you will never meet your full potential. If you let it be your teacher and learn from it then you will get steps closer every time to being the best you that you can be!

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