Unique Sessions for Your Unique Senior

I believe in the power of creating something unique for each individual client and this includes a unique location for YOUR senior. I actually have an ever-expanding list of exciting and unique locations from constantly scouting out our area. I love scouting! Together we will discuss your senior's interest, personality, after school activities and dreams. Then we will choose locations to create that perfect session that we design. One of the things I've always loved about my photography is incorporating my muse into a scene that compliments them. We're creating one of a kind art so to me there is no limit to the location. Want a session with pops of color with the murals of Nashville? Let's do it. Love your hometown and want to stroll historic downtown Franklin? Yes! Is your senior an athlete? Let's get them on the field. These sessions are unique and the sky is the limit.

Images You Will Forever Treasure

Let's freeze time. Remember wishing they would stop growing. Think back 12 years ago to when your senior was six years old entering first grade. How clear is that picture of them in your mind? Memories fade. Take a moment to dig out photo from those years. Now how clear is your memory? Can you hear child's laugh and silly sayings? Do you see their missing front teeth and recall singing "All I Want for Christmas is my two front teeth." What about their mismatched shoes? How did that always seem to happen? That is the power of photography - to stop time and evoke a memory of that time years later. These images will capture your senior as they are now and let's face it - this may be the last time you get your son or daughter in front of the camera! They are crossing the threshold into adulthood and independence. These will be the last photos of their "childhood". That's why we offer you high quality fine art, heirloom products, digitals and gifts that will always be there to evoke memories. We aren't just a digital image kind of studio. We


One thing that I have learned from working with seniors is that they are BUSY and mom's are even BUSIER. From volunteering at senior events, making sure any applications are turned in on time, shopping for all of the extra events like prom and graduation parties, staying up late because your senior stays up later and just being a normal mom, you both have jam packed schedules. Therefore we do encourage clients to book six months in advance however it does not escape me that as a mom myself that life happens and things come up. We forget to add things to the to-do list like 'book senior session" or add things to the calendar like "shop for senior session". We will always work with you to reschedule if needed so you are not adding more stress to your already busy senior year. Yes it's your senior year too! Your baby is heading off to college. Where did the time go? I believe parents deserve their own party once their child crosses that stage. I mean you have put in just as many hours making sure they got there. Way to go Mom!

When you book a senior session you receive a complimentary family mini session to capture your family before it forever changes. That's worth it's weight in gold! I am a huge believer in the professional family photo and that is my gift you you.