Top 4 Reasons Mini Sessions Rock

since it's a mini session I will give you a mini list

1. They are economical. 

Mini sessions don't cover just a photographer's creative fee but typically include digitals or prints. My mini sessions include five digitals. In addition to this mini session clients received discounts on their full gallery of digitals and a la carte products.

2. They are quick and easy. 

15-20 minutes. That's it. In and out. I have it down to a science in moving you through multiple set ups and shooting spots during your session. I turn my energy level on high and we move while having fun. I make 20 minutes fly by.

3. They are the time limit of a child's attention span. 

The attention span of a kindertgartener is 15 minutes. So basically I have 15 minutes give or take to keep the child entertained until they decide ''I'm over this." During your session I will be silly and entertaining for the little ones and keep you as a family engaged in each other while I capture those special moments between ya'll. We get the

4. The husband&kiddos won't complain.

I'm serious about #4. Tell your husband the session is only 15-20 minutes and not an hour and the whole process gets easier. Watch his face light up. Sorry guys this is just something I've learned from experience and if you don't fall into this category my apologies. Same for older kids who have such valuable time to not be wasted by what us parents need them to do. They can hang in there for 20 minutes and remember - BRIBE!