What is an AMP Senior Model?

Our senior models are a sisterhood of women who live life to the fullest, believe our job as women is to encourage and lift others up and that all women are strong and powerful. Being an AMP Senior Model is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will give you experience in marketing and working with women of all backgrounds as well as serving the community you and I love so much. I also take my job as an empowerer of women seriously and offer my seniors opportunities to learn new skills with strong female leaders of our community.




Benefits & Opportunities

  • A bond of sisterhood with fellow senior models
  • Opportunities to give back to the community you love
  • Atleast four photo sessions throughout the year including a group concept photo and your individual senior session
  • Photos included!
  • Spring shoot for college announcement and cap & gown
  • Special shoots such as themed shoots or ideas of other models
  • Credits earned towards session purchases, cash and rewards based on your interests

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Be available for shoots throughout the year
  • Share session images on social media and tag all posts
  • Actively refer new senior clients
  • Volunteer with fellow Senior Models
  • Uphold high behavioral and standards
  • Have a positive and open attitude
  • Sign a Senior Model Team contract


What Steps Do I Take To apply to become a model?

1. Make the decision to have an exciting senior experience.
2. Click the sign up for VIP Seniors List above. 👆👆👆👆.
3. Watch your inbox on Feb 7th for your application.
4. Complete your application!

When do you start accepting applications?

Sign up for our VIP Seniors List to receive an application for Class of 2023 Senior Models in early February 2022.

How many Senior Models do you accept?


Is there a registration fee?

A $250 registration fee is required if chosen to be a Senior Model. This fee covers your individual senior session.