Do not try anything out of the ordinary.

Don’t wear makeup that you have never tried before on your prom night. For the ladies who have a sensitive skin, trying new makeup products is not a genius idea. The idea is to look amazing and comfortable. Trust the makeup that you have been using. I’m sure you will good in the camera.


Have a prom pictures backup plan.

It’s spring for most proms. Unfortunately for May flowers you get April showers. 


When it comes to makeup use primer, matte lipstick, powder and waterproof mascara.

It is going to be a long evening and you may find yourself sweating on the dance floor or crying while reminiscing.


Have a practice round for hair and makeup.

Do you intend to do your hair and makeup yourself? Then do trial runs for hair and makeup. It’s best to try them out first before prom night. If wearing false lashes practice a lot before prom. There is nothing worse than stressing out in the bathroom before an event with glue everywhere but your eyelid. 


Choose the bra to wear to prom and practice wearing it before.

Sure the bra fits great standing still but how does it hold up when you move? Does anything peak out of your dress. When you bend over does anything “fall out”? Also using a clothing tape like …. Can do wonders. 


Choose the perfect jewelry and accessories for your prom dress. Don’t overdo it! Your accessories should compliment and not be the center of attention. Your smile and your dress are! 


Carry along a clutch to the prom.

Your prom clutch can carry lipstick, keys, money, double-sided tape, baby powder, and any other personal effects.


Carry with you a pair of slip-on flats or flip flops with you. Trust me, your feet will get tired in heels if you aren’t used to wearing them. Speaking of heels - practice walking in them. Do not - I repeat - do not wear any shoe for the first time on prom night. 


Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Be sure to eat prior to prom festivities beginning and during prom. You will be using a lot of energy and there is nothing worse that someone who is hangry. 


Take as many prom pictures as possible.

Personally I suggest professional pics before prom but after that go wild with the selfies and pics of friends. Don’t forget to use fun apps like Boomerang as well. Oh and don't forget to pics with parents, siblings and teachers that may be at prom.



Use an app such as Uber and Lyft to have a safe ride home!

I hope these tips help you have the most fun and memorable evening! Have a fun evening and soak in every moment!