Meet Abigaile. Sister. Daughter. Free Spirit. Artist. Wildcat. Class of 2021.

Abigaile was so much fun to photograph and honestly for me so rewarding. Like many of us females we don't like being in front of the camera when we don't have control of what is coming out of it. Seniors love them some selfies but having someone else take the photo and not have a clue what they are seeing? Scary. However guess what? This girl was a natural model. She moved effortlessly a few minutes into her session and was up for anything even if it involved standing in a creek with hungry mosquitoes.

And her wardrobe..she has a very simple and easy style. Her mom was in charge of carrying the basket of clothes from location to location. We would rummage through her collection of Free People and other simple and neutral pieces and together we created what you see. Simple, natural and free. Exactly who she is.

Fun fact. Did you know she won her high school art competition last year? Yep she's a bonafide artist in the making. I see great things for her.

Light & Love,