The great thing about January and February in my world is I can slow down and catch up on things like blogging! Next year the studio will be open in the winter so I'm wondering if I'll have the time to catch up? Assistant please.

Meet Callie. She knew exactly what kind of session she wanted and we made it happen. Now I say made because towards the end of hair and make up the skies decided to open up (hours earlier than expected). We made the absolute best of it and over two hours managed to stay dry and warm and most importantly - create a collection of images that capture her as she is today! I loved her session and it was the perfect way to end my senior sessions for 2023!

Callie's Fave Quote:

"Life is a highway and I think I missed my exit."

(Me too Calie, me too)

Locations: Sinking Creek Farms , Hattie Jane's Creamery

Hair & Make Up: Lesley Sanchez

'til next time,