My First Fail at Wardrobe

I am a photographer. I preach that everyone should get a family photo every year so I have done that myself. However those first years of family photos I had no idea what I was doing. If you know me I’m not exactly a style maven (but do have amazing shoes) however I have a background in design and can typically put colors and patterns together pretty quickly. That has never been my problem. Mine was making a choice. That is a weakness of mine. I couldn't agree in my head on a color pattern or would stress out that I had nothing to wear or wearing something that wasn’t me at all and I didn’t feel comfortable in. Looking back at my family photos that was a big one. Then again when you are a new mom you’re still trying to find who this new you really is. So I thought "why was it always so difficult?" I had access to style guides and images of perfectly put together families that I had photographed. 

I didn’t have a plan! That was my problem. 

That is why I love helping clients figure out what to wear for sessions. The first step is put together a plan. With anything in life the first step is a plan. Step by step. I started making a plan a few years ago for my own family session and wow. Now the images reflect my style.

I do cherish the photos but think to myself "What was I thinking? A white structured white dress with a necklace like I'm going to the office. Heels? Yellows for the kids? We were in a field and I don't have a single yellow decoration in my home. I was uncomfortable and remember sweating stopping at the store to pick up a snack for the kids prior - get your snacks ahead of time! By the time we got there I wanted nothing to do with being photographed so the photographer only got one set of shots of us together as a family. I recently got rid of that dress. I haven't worn it since this shoot in 2013.

Find out your location first and go from there. Do you want bright or airy? Bold or sweet? Neural or colorful? Let me be honest. I always choose my outfit first then go from there. If I'm wearing a solid then I put a pattern on the girls and go from there. That works for me. However these year we are in golds and burgundy and I'm hoping it turns out because I let my oldest pick out her outfit and her sisters outfit.

I’ve created a set of style guides below to help you choose. Your clothing choices in a session should reflect your family. The session isn’t about the clothing but the clothing should accent you and your location. You are investing time and money into these portraits and often these are the only family photos clients will have done for a couple years. Take a moment to look over our guide below and start planning your session today.