Oh what to wear? That is the most stressing question that us mommas

face every time we book a photo session.

If you’re like me you spend your days in yoga pants, tanks, flip flops, jeans and comfy sweaters. Once a week I get dressed up for date night which is jeans and a cute top and church. (On a side note every married couple needs a date night at least every two weeks! Trust me when I say it really freshens up our marriage of 12 years.) I get dressed up so rarely that when I actually put on something different than my daily mom attire my kids say I’m dressed up. Put on make-up and I might as well enter myself in a beauty pageant in their eyes. So here I become wardrobe challenged. Then you tell me I have to coordinate my children and husband’s clothing. Oh my. Where's the wine?

I’ve put together a set of what to wear ideas for this fall season. From boho to formal to casual to funky. I’ve got ya covered. Now remember these are only suggestions on how to pair colors, patterns and textures. Also many stores coordinate their clothing for that season so instead of having to spend your day browsing multiple stores just head to your fave. Gap, Old Navy Target offer both adults and kids. 

After years of capturing families during the "Christmas Card Season" I’ve come up with some suggestions as well as tips to make your sessions your favorite yet. So let's get to it.

10 Steps to Successful Wardrobe Selection

1. Pick a pattern and choose your colors from that pattern/pallette. Basing colors around mom's clothes or a pattern can be super helpful. This pattern or color can be your base.

2. Best colors for fall sessions? Neutrals, jewel tones and blues!! 

3. Best color for Christmas feeling sessions? Rich reds, burgundy, shades of grey, neutrals and navy. 

4. Add some plaid or a touch of sparkle for Christmas sessions. 

5. Add some fur or touch of plaid for fall sessions. 

6. Layer!! Layer!! Layer!! 

7. Please skip the massive bows. As cute as they are they can be distracting.

8. Skip the high heels and go for short wedges, boots or flats. 

9. Not a fan of your make up and wanna splurge? Schedule hair and make up at least four weeks before your session. Cutting your hair? Do that two weeks before including for your kids. 

10. Do a trial run the week before. Do not stress yourself out shopping the day before and praying it all fits. 

Take deep breaths and bribe your kids. Really bribe – ice cream, toy, trip to the candy store. 

Follow me on Instagram @amandamcnealphotography as I will continue to add new inspiration and suggestions as the mini session season rolls on. We've also created a handy set of STYLE GUIDES to help you along.

In love and light,