You've booked your senior portraits and your first question is...What do I wear? You want to

make sure you look amazing for your senior picturess and that starts with picking the right clothes for

your senior session to show off your personal style. But with so many great options out there, from

dresses to jeans and everything in between, how do you choose the right things? I am here with some senior picture outfit ideas and tips!

What you wear can determine locations, what type of poses we do and more so picking the right outfits for your style and personality is important.

And coming prepped and read to go with

clothing, jewelry and accessories will ensure that you will have a great senior session and fall in

love with your photos!

The following tips will help you when it comes to picking what to wear for your senior photos. Oh and when you book you get full access to the style closet and a Style Inspo Guide to help you choose.

nashville senior photographer style guides

Welcome Package with Session Prep & Style Guide

Tip #1 - Look for Inspiration

Look for inspiration on Instagram, both at fashion bloggers and my instagram to see what past

clients have worn, as well as Pinterest. Having a visual for what you like and what looks good on

camera is a great way to start the process of choosing the right outfits for your session.

Tip #2 - Think about what works for the season

Each season has distinct clothing types. Springs is all about pretty sundresses and sandals and fall

is all about layers. So make sure you are choosing a season for your senior session that allows you

to wear the types of clothing you like and make sure you are choosing clothing that reflects the

season in which you are having your photos taken.

Check out that season's latest trends and colors and incorporate them in a real way into your

session outfits. Make sure you don't overdo it on the trends...just pick one or two that fit your style


Tip #3 - Shop your closet first - then the STYLE CLOSET

I know everyone loves to get new do I!! But you may have exactly what you need in your

own closet so be sure to check there first!! What is your favorite item in your closet? What do you

love to wear? What item makes you feel confident and beautiful?

Start with that item and build your outfit around that! I offer style consults where client's can choose different options. Yes some client's full wardrobe has come from the style closet!

Columbia tn photographer style closet

the STYLE CLOSET (Dolly Approved)

Columbia tn senior photographer

Tip #4 - Choose a variety for your session

For your senior photo session, be sure to bring a variety of outfits so that you don't look like you

wore the same outfit in all your photos! I suggest that my clients bring three outfits which ensures

that we get a good variety and different looks for the session. Ideally you will have one dressy outfit

(usually a dress!), one casual outfit (such as jeans and a top) and one outfit that is somewhere in

between or out of the box.

Be sure to not only bring variety when it comes to clothing types as in jeans, shirts, dresses, etc but

also bring a variety in color and/or pattern. You do not want everything to be the same color and

you do not want everything to be a pattern or everything to be a solid.

Make sure to have at least one outfit that has a pattern for variety!

Tip #5 - Don't be afraid of color

Colors look great in photos and allow you to pop off of the background. Wearing neutrals may

make you blend in with the background instead of stand out. Think about your skin color and what

color clothing compliments it. If you are pale, white may wash you out so be sure to choose colors

that flatter you and not colors you see everyone else wearing. Do you have a favorite color? Wear

it!! That will help show off your personality during the shoot.

Tip #6 - Show off your personality

One of my favorite quotes from Rachel Zoe is, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to

speak." This really applies to photos because they need to represent who you are without words. So

choosing outfits to wear in your photos that showcase your personality is a way to get you across to

the viewers of the photos!

Are you classic or preppy? Then choose clothing that reflect that. Are you a bit bohemian? Then a

flowy dress and jewelry may be the best way to showcase that. Are you edgy? Then choose

clothing that speaks to that side of your personality. Maybe you are a little of everything so choose

a variety of outfits that fit all the different sides of your style and personality.

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Tip #7 - Consider the location you want

Besides the question, "what do I wear?" the second most popular question is, "where do we take

the photos?" The location of your senior photos is important and also needs to reflect you and your

style. So when thinking of what to wear, consider the type of location you want.

If you really want to wear that long, flowy dress then an urban, downtown type backdrop may not

work as well as a field would for that look. And on the flip side, if you want to rock

your favorite converse high tops and vintage concert tee, then a field of wildflowers might not be

the perfect spot for that type of outfit.

Make sure you consider your dream location when choosing your outfits for your senior session. And

if you need help pairing an outfit with the right location, that is what I am here for!

Tip #8 - Think about the entire look

No matter what outfits you choose for your session, make sure you consider every detail so your

outfit looks complete. That includes accessories, shoes and even your fingernails and toenails. You

want to make sure you look at everything together to make sure it works, try it on and remember to

pack everything you need for each outfit.

Tip #9 - It is a great idea to hang your outfits, put your accessories for each outfit in their own baggie such

as a ziploc and attach that to the hanger of the outfit. That way you keep everything for each

outfit together and are organized for your shoot. Don't forget shoes!

They are just as important as every other piece of the look! And when in doubt, wear nude shoes

because they elongate your legs!

Tip #10 - Practice wearing your outfits prior.

Move around in them. Jump. Walk in your new shoes. Squat. Run. Seriously being uncomfortable in your clothes can ruin a session. Who wants to smile and laugh when the are conscious about their feet hurting or dress too tight?

I hope to see you on the other side of the camera and can't wait to see what you wear!



Amanda is a Nashville Senior Photographer and Portrait Photographer that has had her senior portrait work featured in SeniorInspire and Senior Year Magazine as well as has been published for her fine art women's portraits. Her photography studio, The Pink Daisy, is located in downtown Columbia, TN. She proudly serves Middle Tennessee including Columbia, Lewisburg, Spring Hill, Franklin and Chapel Hill. She also offers headshot photography and editorial photography. She is proud member of the Maury Alliance.