Why Pink Daisy?

If you have followed me for the past year you know my husband and I have been converting an abandoned Victorian into a space for my studio as well as other creatives. The building herself is called Steel Magnolia Collective but I wanted to name the studio something more personal. I’ve always loved daisies. Growing up there was a patch of daisies in front of my house and my dad would always weed eat around them. My corsage for prom was a daisy (do not suggest as they don't hold up to well to late night dancing) and I'm one to pull over on the side of the road and pick a daisy. Then just scrolling Etsy late one night searching for "victorian home items" I found this gorgeous Eastlake door that had daisies carved in it. I had to have it and my husband surprised me with it. So it seemed perfectly fitting to call the studio Pink Daisy Studio. I obviously have a thing for flowers. If I convert another space into a neutral themed space I'm naming it Dogwood something...that's sentimental too and another story for another date.

After a year she’s nearing completion and will be a space where my own clients gather to prepare for their session as well as have portraits in studio. I want it to be a space where women can gather for meetings or workshops and to share their own stories. I look to add more women's photography and branding to my offerings - sessions that empower women and remind them of all their amazingness. It’s naturally evolved into a very feminine and eclectic space. I want people to feel in it the way they feel in my she shed - relaxed and inspired.

Open House....stay tuned

Mark your calendar for the Open House on 11/3! More details to come and date is tentative based around ribbon cutting but there will be yummy local treats, giveaways, free headshots and more. If you know me personally you know I know how to throw a party.

Space Rental

After looking for spaces to rent over the past few years I realized there are very few spaces near Columbia to rent if you’re a photographer growing your business or just want an indoor session when you primarily shoot outdoors. You must drive to Nashville and that is a hike from Columbia. After a year of thinking about what a photographer would want it's ready. It is also my hope to offer art showings for local artists and offer meetups for local women’s groups looking for a space to gather.

The space includes:

  • backdrops
  • props including my vast collection of newborn and baby props/blankets/wraps
  • abundant natural
  • lightboxes and reflectors
  • chairs & stools galore
  • MCM style sofa
  • Green velvet sofa
  • solid black shoot wall
  • kitchenette with snacks for clients
  • hair and makeup area
  • 55' Smart TV and Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Ability to change out art on walls so when clients are there you can display your own work

This has def been one of the things that has consumed me over the past months but it's been worth it. All the tears, work injuries, sweat...paying off. I won't lie - it's a sometimes scary adventure but it's exciting and one of my life quotes is:

"If it scares you and excites you then you must do it."