Last August my husband and I headed down to Columbia one Sunday morning to check out this property. Seeing it for the first time you would have thought we were ridiculous to put on an offer. He's a builder and I'm a dreamer (with just a enough interior design knowledge to be helpful but dangerous depending) so we decided to do this. One room would be my studio and the other spaces rented.

My vision was for it to be a space for creatives as it's part of the Arts District in Columbia. I envisioned a group of women from different fields coming together as a collective and doing good for the community. Obviously I can't not advertise that on listings but it was my vision. Also with it being four units one day after watching Steel Magnolias for the millionth time I thought - it needs a name! The women of Steel Magnolia were strong willed women, each different and together they were so much stronger. It's truly one of my fave movies and a beautiful story of how women can lift and support though the pain and beauty of life.

As for the color victorians were known for some fun colors so that is where the pink came in. Thanks to Instagram voting she became pink - comical coral to be exact. I was never a big pink fan but it has grown on me from my own photography branding to now this and my studio itself is now called Pink Daisy.

Between the name and color of the house it has taken on a true feminine vibe. The other spaces are now available for rent if you know anyone looking for a space. Wink,wink.

I will be planning an open house for mid-November so be on the lookout for details. There will be giveaways, yummy treats, activities for the kiddos and who knows what else I will dream up. You can check out more at the link below. Be sure to follow us on the 'gram!