In early December I got back results for a myriad of tests for my health. I always felt off and angry. I felt like the world was sharp - harsh - and so I was reacting to it. To be fair I had stopped doing yoga, writing, creating, etc. I had gotten so hung up in work that I put me to the wayside. My results showed that my adrenals were barely working so basically I was in fight or flight mode most of the day and other systems in my body were starting to feel the toll as well. Not taking time for me was literally starting to kill me. You listen when your doctor tells you things are killing you.

We often put ourselves last once we have kids. We are convinced by many that putting ourselves first is selfish. So we feed into. It doesn’t make us better parents to be SELFless or SELFish. It makes us better parents when our buckets are filled with SELF love. We can’t fill our kids if ours is empty. We all know this but ignore it and instead of taking an moments a day to just reset, rest or pursue something that gives us great joy but instead we add one more check to the to do list and feel accomplished or stressed that we didn’t check off the entire to do list. Well 2023 has arrived and I’m not encouraging making resolutions but instead incouraging each one of you to put yourself first at least 21 minutes a day. Try it for 21 days and it becomes a habit - usually.

What gives you joy

Take some time to think about what really makes you happy. What gives you great joy and fills your bucket? I had completely stopped doing anything that gave me intense joy. I didn’t create a single piece of art last year. Not a one.

21 minutes for 21 days

Make time each day for self care. I suggest atleast 30 minutes. It takes 21 days to build a habit so do this for 21 days. Schedule it on repeat on your calendar.

For me this looked like waking at 6am and doing 20 minutes of yoga followed by 10 minutes of meditation of journaling. I’m not an early bird BUT I needed it to help reset my adrenals and give them a rest. I pushed through to 21 days and it worked! It has been a huge shift in positivity for myself and my family.

take a personal day

It is rare that someone reading this probably works 7 days a week…oh wait. I’m self-employed as a photographer and realtor and mom so I do work 7 days a week but not anymore. I started to really think about my time and happiness. I thought about all these people that work salary jobs and get personal days. So every Thursday is my “Personal Day” on my calendar and I’m respecting it and myself. I don't email, edit, clean or even take my kids to school. It’s my day of no expectations and unless I’m writing a contract for a client it can wait until 8am on Friday. Having this day has helped me get back in shape mentally and spiritually.

What does self care look like?

Self care doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s more about taking care of your body daily by treating it like your temple with food, movement and thought. It’s about learning about yourself and doing those things. I mean I love a day at the spa but it really doesn’t fill my bucket as much as gardening or creating something. To each their own though. Here’s a great article about ways to practice self care.

Print a 30 day challenge

Not sure what to do for self help? Try a buffet of options. These 30 day printables can be fun and can easily be found on Etsy. Post it somewhere you see each morning and commit to that one challenge.

So what are ya waiting for? Seriously take care of you! We all deserve to have 21 minutes a day to become our best selves!