Often times the yearbook photo session and professional senior photos get confused so let me take a moment to break it down. Trust me it's all about educating. No one wants to look back and say - man I wish I would have done senior photos! So let's get educated! 

The Yearbook Photo

This photo is basic. It is mainly so the yearbook will look cohesive and uniform. It takes out all of the guesswork of your session but also takes away the creative work of giving you a session that in 20 years will remind you of who you were, what you loved, your style.

images from adobe stock photo

The Senior Experience Session

These sessions are designed to capture who you are at this very moment in your life. They showcase your interests, hobbies, pets, activities, dreams, style and more. From the beginning everything is chosen and styled to go together - wardrobe, props and location should compliment each other. Seniors get multiple locations, wardrobe changes, professional hair and makeup and more. They can even bring their fur babies. It's an experience catered to seniors and one they can share with their parents on session day. In 20 years you will look back with friends and family and they will understand who you were just by looking at your collection of photos.

Bella knew from the beginning she wanted to bring her pup.

Mallory has the sweetest and brightest personality and loves sunflowers so we planned her a summer session. .

Chloe's great grandfather was Ernest Tubb so she wanted to honor his memory and legacy.

Mac will be going to school on the coast and loved the beach so we did a destination session over spring break.

The choice is yours.

Locations Pictured Above:

Bella: Leipers Fork

Mallory: South40 Farm

Chloe: Downtown Nashville

Mac: Panama City Beach

Hair & Makeup : Morgan Ebright