Lucky #7 - Follow these and make magic with your iphone

  1. Avoid bright light. Most photos are taken around 4pm-5pm. Light at this time of day can be harsh making you squint and blowing out the highlights in the photos. 
  2. If using an iPhone use vivid mode. It will make your images pop more. 
  3. Find shade. Shade is our friend in photography. Behind you can be bright (preferable dark behind you like a building or trees) but standing under shade will help provide a better pic, less shadows and a nice skin tone. 
  4. If shooting a group bring stools and small chairs to give a variety of levels when posing together. 
  5. Angles! Angle your body, pop a hip and give your back a little tilt. It gives an elegant but relaxed look. Also take some time on TikTok and Instagram to watch videos of people prom dress poses.
  6. Move in your photos! Don’t stand still. Be silly. Twirl. Dance. Movement in photos can make all the difference to really showing off your dress.  
  7. Stand atleast 8-10 feet in front of your background if shooting in front of walls, barns, buildings. This will give a nice blur behind you and make you stand out! 

PS - If you're planning on making reels then think ahead and take video or certain pics.

Want professional pics then I got you! Head to my scheduler below. I will also be offering services to photograph you and your friends getting ready together etc. Just email for details and availability.