Posing 101

First let me say I'm not a full on poser at my sessions. I like to capture those in between moments of laughing and movement. I like to give a direction and go! Just like the image above. I told her to just reach out and touch the flowers....done. This was one of her fave images.

So maybe my style is a hybrid but regardless it's my job as a senior photographer to make each client feel comfortable and meet them where they are ...kinda like read the room. I will be honest I wasn't very good at posing years ago but after many workshops, studying others, listening to my own clients and practicing in mirrors I want you to know you got this because I'm here to help you! Also I'm not comfortable being stared at while someone stands still staring at me...I need laughs and movement. I love the serious shots though but those are quick and easy!

So want to see more actual poses - I'm becoming my own senior model! I am starting a series on Instagram showing you poses with yours truly showing them for you! Wanna get some entertainment or education (could be both) then head over to Instagram and follow along!

grab a seat

let's move

what do I do with my hands?

props, props and more props

turn to Social Media in times of need

Checking out social media and Pinterest are huge! Check out two links below with suggestions and ways to pose. The more you practice before your session (just stand in front of your mirror, close your door and turn up the music) the more comfortable you will feel at your session.