the Signature Luxe Album & Book

So I have a a senior photographer you would think wall art is my fave thing...honestly it's not. Now for the right situation it's great. For family and wedding photographers - perfect! I even have a couple 30x40's in my home of our family when the girls were younger..need to update those. However I mainly teen and senior photography and if investing and had to choose one thing it would be albums.

Now albums that's where it's at. I LOVE LOVE LOVE albums. I have albums big and small of my personal photos. Seriously I love them. From a personal standpoint my girls love to sit down with them and look at themselves when they were younger. It's really one of my fave things- reflecting on memories. People tend to change out their wall art - they move, their style changes...however albums can be placed on a coffee table or shelf but always easily accessible and memories always at your fingertips.

Most clients order the 10x10 Signature Album to display their senior portraits but for the holidays I offer the Signature Luxe Book. There are a few less options for covers and paper styles but they still hold capture your babies as they are right now....big giggles, wobbly walks, fast prints and twirls with daddy - for a smaller price. If you've never created an album of your family photos this is the year!

My studio offers albums in a variety of sizes and styles. From leather to linen as a cover, thick or thin pages, glossy or matte...the choices go on. It's like a menu. We can design in studio or via Zoom!

When you choose to invest in making your memories tangible, it is a decision you will never regret!

Reach out today to chat about creating your Signature Luxe Album or Book. We can meet in person or create via zoom!



I proudly use Millers Professional Imaging for all of my album products.

Amanda is a Nashville Senior Photographer and Portrait Photographer that has had her senior portrait work featured in SeniorInspire and Senior Year Magazine as well as has been published for her fine art women's portraits. Her photography studio, The Pink Daisy, is located in downtown Columbia, TN. She proudly serves Middle Tennessee including Columbia, Lewisburg, Spring Hill, Franklin and Chapel Hill. She also offers headshot photography and editorial photography. She is proud member of the Maury Alliance.