There is something magical about my children’s concept sessions. A child has an imagination that doesn’t have an end. Elsa is a little girl shooting ice from her hands with her blue dress flowing behind her. Superman is the little boy with his cape flying in the wind and the power to fly wherever his heart dreams. The Queen of Hearts shoots a deck of cards toward Alice to protect herself while Snow White takes a bite of an apple she found in the kitchen and waits for her Prince Charming (aka dad) to awaken her. Magic. Their imagination has no bounds. 

I always loved Halloween and to this day I think I love it even more. I don’t love it for the spookiness or haunted be honest I have a severe fear of anything resembling a zombie and I gave up horror movies in my early 20’s. The Ring did a number on me. I digress. 

What I do love about Halloween? Oh the fantasy and for one day you can be anything you want to be. Children find such a magic in it and I guess for me I still do. I have been Dolly, Medusa, Dorothy and Elvira over the past four years. Strong women - something I’m always working to be. Oh to embody those women for a day. Halloween costumes transport kids to another place far from our reality. They become their hero or take on their dream career.

So these are always special sessions I offer once a year. These images will become your child’s favorite and a keepsake that you will always treasure.



Now the details: Halloween minis include fully retouched image that will transport your child to their favorite place. You also receive two simple portrait shots (full body and close up) of your child in their costume. These sessions take no more than 10 minute to capture whereas the main part of the work is behind the scenes in Photoshop.